Who Takes Care of You? Part 2

So Who Takes Care Of You…?

Last week I touched on the fact that putting your health and fitness first is often such an ordeal, yet mustn’t be if we are to stand a chance of getting out of that rut that threatens to control the rest of our life.

We have so many demands on our time. Everybody needs something and everything needs to be taken care of. Sometimes it feels like….it’s all too much.

You do the best you can. As the to-do’s pile up and time slips away, it can feel like brain fog is setting in. Overwhelm is just around the corner and your health and fitness goals seem like an unreachable dream…

We hear that we’re supposed to manage our time, chances are, your time manages you.. In fact the most common reason I hear for either not starting or not sticking to a health and fitness program is time! But unless we can get our bodies running smoothly, how can we hope to deal with the complexities of our already over-burdened time pressures?

So, Taking Care of You, tip#2

#2: You’re not alone.

In our coaching sessions and consultations clients are always surprised to hear that so many other women have stories so similar to their own. They’d felt alone, assuming they were the only ones who felt as exhausted (and in some cases, hopeless) as they did.

There is often a deep understanding that the holistic approach is the right one, but having the strength and confidence to start and put yourself first is the biggest single leap. I could find so many clients that give the same kind of statement a short while in but these are a few comments from current clients :

“Having all this extra energy is a great feeling, I am determined to keep up with my exercise and nutrition program”

“The training is amazing, I am really enjoying it. Most of all I’m really motivated again”

“My self-confidence was very low, physically and emotionally, so I needed a new approach to my personal fitness and well-being. If you can’t decide what is the best for you, I recommend that you give Body Fitness a try, as the whole team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.”

Countless other women feel exactly the same as you feel right now. It’s normal.

And we can, and do, help.

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