Who Takes Care of You? Part 1

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You take care of your loved ones and help them with the details of their lives they’d otherwise miss, you are a proud and successful professional, a seasoned and frequent traveler. Whichever of these fits you, you’re a teacher, helper, adviser, expert and caregiver all wrapped up in one package.

Who takes care of you - family

But who takes care of … you?

Your answer to that question will lead to one of two places: a healthier, fitter, and less-stressed you, or a secured spot on the yo-yo diet merry-go-round.

So many of our clients past or present have tried many things to get that body they crave, or ditch the fat, or find that missing energy they used to have.

The brave few that took the step and started with Body Fitness as their Health and Fitness coach or Personal Trainer have become healthier, happier and prouder of their bodies.

So many women are already arriving late, leaving early, running around clients or travelling too much because of their responsibilities, it’s easy to see how time spent on exercise and personal health are the first things to give.

But there are only so many hours in the day. Exercising, planning a nutritious meal, scheduling your healthy habits and trying to look after yourself can fall by the wayside. For women who both work and try to manage a household, time can often feel especially short, it’s not just the actual housework or meal preparation that’s the issue. It’s all the attention, planning and thinking that goes into holding down what amounts to two jobs.

So Again Who Takes Care Of YOU…?

For us a central theme keeps bubbling to the surface, women are extremely proud of how much they do for their loved ones, but they also feel utterly exhausted.
In the process of putting so much of themselves into caring for others, they end up neglecting themselves. Their own care suffers.

Exercise is forgotten, healthy eating is off the menu. They gain weight and lose strength. They age quickly and their health deteriorates.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR.

Over the next couple of blogs I’m going to share some secrets, if you pay close attention to the top three lessons our clients have shared, they could make all the difference for you.

#1: To care for others, you must care for yourself.

As the airplane safety video says, “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” You can’t take care of others if you’re running out of air yourself.

Women instinctively put other people’s needs first. And usually feel guilty about taking time for themselves.

But taking that step is key. As one of our clients, Petra, said to me this week:

“Even my husband says that I am a changed person – not just physically but also mentally. My world has changed beyond recognition: I am slimmer, fitter and healthier PLUS my social life has gained due to the number of fantastic people I have met at training!”

Steve Rutherford-Bate
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