TOP 10 things you WANT to say to your trainer but don’t!

1.   No, I cannot lift my bum up any higher, that’s it. If I had a smaller bum and could lift it higher I wouldn’t be laying here on this damn ball would I?


2.   I swear, I WILL stab you in the heart if you come near me with those callipers today!


3.   Today – just do NOT weigh me, do NOT measure me, do NOT talk to me and give me things I can do. Please. For your own sake.



 4.   No, I didn’t have breakfast this morning. I have what’s commonly known as ‘children’ – a condition which often prevents the basics one needs to survive from taking place.


 5.   Yes, I did read the nutrition guide. I tried everything in the guide. I tried some things that weren’t in the guide. I tried eating the damn guide. It tasted better than most of the food.


 6.   No, I didn’t read the damn nutrition guide.



7.   If you say ‘come-on’ or clap your hands just ONE more time you’ll see what I can really do with this kettlebell.


8.  I HAVE activated my core. This is as active as it gets.


9.  “Whatever doesn’t kill me…”, yeah right, whatever doesn’t kill me had better start running.


10.   Yes, yes, plenty of sleep last night – I think…