TOP 10 things NOT to tell your trainer!

burpie1.  “I love burpees”. I have yet to meet a client who even remotely likes burpees. They are one of the hardest exercises because of the squat-thrust, push-up and jump-up involved, and they will send your heart rate soaring. So don’t lie to your trainer and tell them you like something (unless of course, you actually do) or any other exercise if you really hate them. They can find plenty of substitutes. (Plus, if you say you love burpees after just finishing 10 today, they’ll make you do 20 tomorrow!).

pain2.  “I’m not sore”. Especially when you first start working with a trainer, it’s normal to feel quite sore in many muscle groups, it’s part of the process but it’s important to communicate any pain you’re in. If you’re really and truly not sore, fine, but if you are and think you just need to act tough, your trainer will be pushing you that bit harder. And then you’ll be doubly-sore tomorrow and cursing the people who make toilets so low….

3.  “This is soooo hard”. Don’t whine and complain, unless of course, it really is well above your capability, a good trainer should be able to spot that by watching you but will also react to cues if you are making such comments even in jest.  This might lead to you not getting results, so remember you are doing this for a reason and you WILL get the results you want.

4.  “Of course I’m following my plan”. Again, if you are great, but if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing in between training sessions, fess up. Your trainer can help you identify why the plan is not working for you – do you need more motivation, more rest, more challenge, etc. Also, if you lie and say you are following your plan to the letter, then you won’t get the results and it will take us that much longer to figure out why.

i can do this

5.  “I have to get my phone”. If you’re answering your phone in the middle of a workout, there is something wrong. Turn it off, get focused and don’t waste your and your trainer’s time.  On the other side of the coin, if you have still made it to your session in the middle of something serious, good for you, just let your trainer know that there may well be an urgent interruption.

6.  “This workout is stupid. I’m bored”. Negative attitudes never help anyone get through a workout and are insulting to your trainer. Yes, some exercises may appear meaningless to you, but maybe it’s because you don’t understand the benefit of them. If you’re frustrated, instead ask what the specific move is intended to do for your body.

7.  “Yep, everything’s fine”.  That said, If you’re not happy with progress , your trainer, your program, DON’T keep it to yourself, there may be other options and almost certainly things that can be changed.  If you still think you’ve the worst trainer ever, that’s fine, move on and find yourself a new one (who won’t make you do burpees!).

8.  “I’m cheating on my husband”.  Personal trainers are not therapists they are here to support you on your journey and to focus your mind and attention on the goals you’ve set.  Obstacles, roadblocks, problems and personal issues are all part of that, but be mindful of boundaries.

unstabesquat9.  “Oh, you thought that was good, watch this”. Don’t try to impress your trainer, not only could this lead to an injury by you doing something wrong or more than you’re capable of, but they will see right through it when you show up the next day unable to do anything (see #3).

10. “I can’t make today, something’s come up”.  Be honest, your trainer is there for you, to help you and guide you towards your goals.  There will be many obstacles, mental and physical, if you are losing motivation, again, there are things they can help with. But tell them.