The Training

PCPhysical Conditioning –  Transform your body


When you walk into our studio you may be surprised to see a lot of space. There are very few machines! We teach you how to use your body as your primary training tool. Only once you have mastered the basic moves do we add bands, balls, kettlebells and other toys to enhance your training.


Injury prevention and maintaining optimal posture sits at the base of our training model.  Only when you have a good base do we allow you to push for more performance and aesthetic goals.


Exercise is like a drug, if your GP prescribed the wrong drug you would get the wrong result and potentially could damage your health – the same is true with exercise. We take care of all your program design and progressions and put you on the most effective path to your goals.


In fact the hardest thing you do is just making that decision, that powerful choice to DO something about your health NO MATTER WHAT.  Maybe it’s time to, God forbid, start on that road to a better you and ditch that weight that’s killing your spark.


Once you make that decision, and start walking through the fire of your fears, doubts, and pain, a beautiful thing starts to happen…you will be one step further towards the Grandest Vision of the Greatest You, the you your parents, friends, kids or anyone else that matters to you will remember and actually knew all along.

Now that you’ve made this decision, all you need to do is show up, complete the sessions and watch your body transform!


RRRecovery & Regeneration – Relax & Chill

Rest is a vital part of any fitness program. Of course, you’ve got to do the work in order to validate this point, but lack of rest can be just as harmful as lack of exercise. While the latter leads to a much more obvious result, WEIGHT GAIN, the former will lead to less noticeable–yet every bit as damaging—problems, such as chronic fatigue syndrome. These examples are the extreme ends of the spectrum. In the middle lies the far subtler and exceedingly frustrating condition, known as the plateau.

Recovery time is important because it is then when the body adapts to the stress from the new exercises and the effect from your workout takes place. Your workouts cause muscle tissue breakdown and during the recovery period your body repairs the damaged tissues as well as replenishes the energy lost during the exercising.

Most people confuse complete recovery with replenished energy. Once they feel relieved from any fatigue and tiredness they assume they have to go back and exercise but your muscle tissues and ligaments may not have repaired and recovered.

Sleep and active recovery strategies such as massage, stretching and nutrition help your body recover and regenerate quicker after your workouts. Ensuring you get adequate amounts of rest, recovery and regeneration is crucial for your development

You can’t just keep doing more exercise and expect results; it does not work that way.

Taking` time out to spend with Dr Quiet and Dr Chill-out are all simple but necessary strategies for health improvement

Less is more when it comes to YOUR health, YOUR happiness and YOUR wellbeing