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SNSupportive Nutrition – Effective Eating and Drinking Strategies

There are so many sources of information, many of them conflicting, on the best way to lose weight and eat healthily – in fact many of the leading diets are in complete conflict with each other when it comes to methodology and advice. How on earth can the general consumer make sensible choices when faced which such opposing information?

Many, most in fact, just go round and round, trying diet after diet and failing to either lose weight, keep it off, or get the energy back into their lives that they need to maintain a decent level of exercise!

Although it’s true that at a basic level weight loss is simple maths, there is more to losing weight and getting healthy than just numbers. As you restrict your calorie intake, it is absolutely essential that you eat the right kinds of food to build muscle, strengthen your immune system, and stay energized throughout the process.  Each meal or food has a direct effect on your endocrine system (hormonal system). How much fat your body stores and burns is directly linked to how healthy your hormonal system is functioning.  At Body Fitness we help you find an intake that works for YOU, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR body.

Chains of Habit are too light to be Felt, until they are too heavy to be Broken…we want to develop a habit, a deep ingrained knowledge of what’s right and wrong, what works and what doesn’t – to make these good choices an unconscious response.  Building a lifestyle change and nutritional habit is key for us at Body Fitness, it’s one of the core reasons we only promote 4 and 12 months packages – 12 weeks is what it takes to make a habit form, 12 months is what it takes to ingrain it so deeply that it becomes a lifestyle shift.

Working alongside nutritional therapists, our nutrition component takes all the guesswork out for you and makes it simple to prepare meals and eat the foods that help balance and keep your endocrine system in top shape.

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