The Coaching

ADThe Coaching – Your Support System

Attitude Development – Shaping Your Psychology

Keeping you motivated and your psychology engaged throughout your program is the most important factor off all. A lot of time’s we find out that people are chasing somebody else’s goals!  Through an in depth COACHING session we help unlock what your true motivators are and what YOU want from your fitness journey.

Giving you a crystal clear map also is a key part of developing the right attitude, if you know exactly what you need to do and when to do it all you need to do is follow the instructions and arrive happy and safely to the upgraded version of YOU.

You cannot force willpower upon yourself by way of habit and change, it’s a short term coping mechanism, not a route to ‘self-improvement’ – why keep smacking the square peg into the round hole until it goes in?  We instead promote that change and self-improvement will not come until we find the passion in what it is we are doing.  You can spend your life fretting about how healthy, interesting, or successful you are. In fact, a huge ‘self-help’ industry depends upon this, and is eager to help you make plans to change.  On the other hand, you might consider letting us help you unlock the passion in what you do, or want to do, and letting the rest take care of itself……


LDLifestyle Design – Take Control your Life

You might believe that you can’t change the direction your life is heading but you can.  Turning your life around can be like steering the QE2 out of port; you need a little tug to get you started!

Looking at stress, scheduling, relaxation time, fun time are all part of the way we help our clients live life on their terms.  Yeah for sure you will need to integrate exercise into your life but how do you do that is you have no extra time in your already jam packed schedule?

It’s not uncommon to start the day off with the thought, “not again, oh brother I don’t want to get up and do this again”.  For many, and I mean those that don’t have serious traumas on their breakfast table, this is us starting off our day picturing things that we either regret (past) or that we don’t want to happen and worry we can’t control (future).

We miss the ‘now’ which at the end is all there is – the past is a collection of chemicals floating around in your head that pretty much no-one on the planet really understands and the future is often comprised of FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – in other words, things we don’t actually need to worry about.  A strategy that gets much better results is to picture things we want to happen and want to experience in the coming day.

Stories in your head about why you can’t do it are often works of pure fiction, false priorities and stubborn choices – it’s only you making them your reality.  We help you unlock your core values and to follow your heart, it may take you to places where you fall down which won’t matter one bit as the glow of your own self-worth will carry you through!

We will show you how, it’s not as hard as you think!