The Change Curve…

Unless you’ve been hiding in a Tibetan temple or floating around in a little bubble somewhere south of reality, your life, just like everyone else’s is most likely completely and utterly nuts…  A journey that no matter how hard you think you’ve nailed the tracks down, just ups and heads you in a different direction.

In my previous life (actually still a shadow that’s right behind me…) I was top of my game in an executive management position and all highly emotionally aware and conscious of the ‘change curve’ blah blah blah.  But in reality that didn’t matter a damn, the down curve is just as crap and at times cripplingly painful, regardless of whether you know what it is or not.

Fact is there will always be up-curves and down-curves on your relentless journey through life and painful though they are, fact is it’s usually the down-curves where we learn the most, become the strongest, and are moulded into the person we need and in most cases want to become.

justbecauseIt’s through this process of overcoming our great challenges that we build our foundations, shake off the fear and doubt and ego. It’s what leaves us with the bastion of understanding, courage, compassion and hopefully a deep desire to help others overcome challenges of their own.  That’s where the greatest coaches and trainers can differentiate themselves, it’s through forging ahead across their own battlefields that they develop an appreciation and understanding of what others might be facing and how to guide them through that journey and find their trues selves.

Goals are great. But the best goals are not the ones we choose, they are the ones that FORCE us to evolve and change us forever – often when this happens we realise that we don’t want what we’ve been chasing all along, we’ve been relentlessly climbing the wrong ladder.  Good news is, it’s never too late to change ladder, not matter how high you’ve gone, don’t be afraid to check out a different view – chances are we’ll all die with a full to-do list, so it doesn’t really change the end game.

It’s a phase we’ve come to call ‘Lifestyle Design’ it’s when we’ve changed and risen to another level, understood our calling and have reassessed, possibly even redefined our core values.  It’s only when you’ve been through this process that I believe you can actually return home with that elixir to share with others.   It’s only YOU holding YOU back from YOU and who YOU can become – just like with any great hero’s journey….

You Can Do This.