Are you a Comfort Eater…?

When we’re feeling depressed, angry, bored or stressed, many of us turn to food to give us comfort. But if you’re developing a serious chocolate habit, it’s time to put a brake on eating bad mood-food.. You’re at home after a bad day at the office and grab a chocolate biscuit. You’re bored, there’s nothing… [Continue Reading]

What makes you beautiful?

I was off to my usual favourite haunt in Wales last week, taking a break and enjoying some peace and me time. Part of this was sat on a very deserted beach listening to the waves roll gently onto the rocks and reflecting on everything that life has to offer.  The beach was covered in… [Continue Reading]

Banish Food Guilt For Good

Food guilt can take the fun out of your health and fitness. Learn how to recognise it and move on! If you are one of many who are susceptible to self-criticism often just one mistake can ruin your day and your motivation, none more so than food-induced guilt! Agonising over food choices and punishing yourself emotionally… [Continue Reading]

How to face disappointment in your fitness journey

Disappointment can own you forever, or change you completely—for the better. The choice is yours. Have you ever gone into something will all of your heart and soul and come up empty-handed? There’s nothing more irritating in the human experience than disappointment, especially, either for reasons beyond your control or, perhaps worse, something you caused… [Continue Reading]

Emotional Eating and Self Sabotage – Part Two

We have more food options available to us than ever, but less nutrition. The healthiest people often eat like people ate when we lived in caves and didn’t get to use food as a cloak to throw over our problems. Yeah, I know, you have a load of them right now, who doesn’t. It’s ok,… [Continue Reading]

Emotional Eating and Self Sabotage – Part One

Nearly everyone does it or has done it – feeling like hell, rough day, guilt, stress, worry – it doesn’t really matter what the cause was, the result is often the same.  Foraging through cupboards or supermarket freezers for that tub of Hagen Daas, bag of Doritos, or brick of chocolate and giving in to… [Continue Reading]