Let’s Get You Started!

Before you even think about joining Body Fitness, we would like to invite you in for a Complementary Body Fitness Success Strategy Session.

This powerful session is a key element of understanding your goals, history and commitment to the journey you are on and whether you are someone we feel able to work with and who will benefit and be able to comfortably achieve their goals. It will enable us to map out a successful weight loss or fitness programme for you that fits in with your lifestyle.

We can also conduct physical evaluations that help determine where your body is now, so that you have all the critical information you need before you proceed with any training program. Learn More

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Premier Small Group Training

We have put together the perfect dynamic duo of workouts, coupled with an easy to follow nutrition guide that will help you get to achieve goals fast! Premier Small Group Training Sessions are limited to 6 to 12 persons

  • Open access to all group sessions.
  • Total body strength & metabolic workouts.
  • BFPTL fitness top.
  • Nutrition guide & support.
  • Monthly assessment & record.

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Semi-Private Training + Small Group Training

Combines both group and semi-private training in a 4 or 12-month total wellness and fitness educational programme to transform your figure and increase your vitality!

  • Combination of group and semi-private training.
  • Customised training programme and sessions with a top coach.
  • Plus open access to group sessions.
  • All the benefits of both programmes.

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Our customised coaching programme is our most popular service. For customised results you need a customised programme! This unique Body Fitness programme offers you a scientific way to ensure you achieve the best results.

  • Customised training programme and sessions with a top coach.
  • Corrective, weight loss & rehab programmes.
  • BFPTL goody bag.
  • Nutrition guide & lifestyle / motivation coaching.
  • Monthly assessment & record.

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