Premier Small Group Training


What is our Premier Small Group Training?

If your goals are to get lean, get toned, drop 1-4 cloths sizes, get your body ready for the beach, improve your posture, lose weight or simple increase your levels of strength and fitness the program is designed with you in mind.

We use a combination of Total Body Strength Workouts alongside Metabolic Conditioning Workouts in groups of no more than 6 to 12 people per session to enhance your physical condition.

Training is small groups ads an element of fun and camaraderie you just don’t get working out on your own.   When your having fun its much easier to stick with a program.
Who is the program suitable for?

The workout programs are designed for universal scalability so it’s a perfect way for you to enhance your physical condition no matter if you are a total beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast.

We scale loads and have multiple exercise regressions and progressions so it does not matter if you are a stay at home mum, weekend warrior or a senior citizen, the PSGT Program will challenge you at your own level.

We have clients on the program that are aged between 30 and 65 both female and male.

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How The Program Works?

When you join Body Fitness, we don’t just throw you into the fitness sessions.

That would be like throwing you into the deep end before you could swim!

We have an introductory course that you must complete before we can allow you to join the full program.


The Body Fitness 101 Program is a 2-week, 4 session course where a Body Fitness coach can teach you all of the basic movements involved in the programming, how to progress your workouts as well as the diet and lifestyle modification that you will need to make to elicit the fastest and most efficient fitness gains.
Once you have graduated you are ready to take control of your fitness an join our 4 or 12 month program. Each month you will have a progress check to monitor your progress and have access to all of our workshops, both live and online.
We look forward to getting you started and improving your health and fitness both on the inside and out.  Places are limited and we can only accept new client through application only.

To apply for a place on our Body Fitness 101 program all you need to do is fill in the application form below and one of our team will contact you within the next 24 hours.
You can do this!

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