How To Feel Great into Your 50s and Beyond

Let’s face, neither we nor most of our clients are kids anymore!  Therefore there’s a certain urgency that permeates the bid for health and wellness now: You still want to look and feel good, but, to be frank, you’re also training to stay alive!

Senior Woman Working Out With Weights

Exercising regularly is your strongest medicine, in fact physical activity may be the most effective prescription for the purpose of promoting longevity and health in older age.

Exercise protects your heart, relaxes your arteries, builds muscle, strengthens your bones, fights cancer, boosts your immune system and perhaps most inspiring, it’s one of the best ways to rewire your brain.

Regular metabolic exercise delays and may even reverse aging in your arteries, boosting your heart rate, which increases blood flow.  Your workout should also involve more balance moves to strengthen your feet, ankles, and core and to straighten your posture.  After 50, muscle loss speeds up (about 10% every decade), leading directly to osteoporosis, so strength work is key. If you’re not doing these, start now!!

“I am running again, my flexibility has improved and I have so much more energy now.  I am proud to feel Fifty, Fit and Fabulous! The longer you sit there, the more unfit you will get so just take the plunge and go for it.  Go with a positive mind if you can, you will get results much quicker that way.”  Lynette

It’s all about attitude, think and act young and you are young, have a positive, excited outlook on life and believe in your heart and soul that you can improve yourself through exercise,  Don’t be a pessimistic victim, find your passion early and make it a part of your life, when you immerse yourself in it, magic happens. Your energy increases, you look forward to starting the day, your mood improves, you sleep better and are generally fired up about life!!

“I reached 55 years old and didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.  Aging is an inevitable process but it is still something of a shock when you are faced with a body you know longer recognise. At 16wks the changes have amazed me, I’m lighter, feel taller, leaner and stronger. My posture is straighter and my muscles and joints no longer ache.  I feel 100% better, my family and friends have noticed the changes, seeing the before and after photographs was astonishing!” Jacqueline

Senior-Lifting-Weights man

 At Body Fitness Personal Training we want that passion to be your health and fitness and we want to support you on that journey.  We believe in a holistic approach with a mind-body connection and in my opinion to be in top shape and in top health requires not just physical but mental wellbeing. We want you to be motivated, enjoy exercise, feel energised and confident, regardless of age.

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“After being out of the loop with an exercise regime I felt nervous and unconfident at the thought of starting from scratch. With careful planning and enthusiastic support I have absolutely no regrets.  Losing 10lbs in the first month has given me the encouragement to carry on.  I now have more energy in the mornings, feel better with what I wear and do not feel unhappy at the thought of going to the gym. All in all, I could not be more pleased”  Trina

You can do this!