How to be Unstoppable!

What’s one thing you can change in your life TODAY that will set you on a path to a better you and more fulfilling existence?



There may be tons of things you’re not happy with – but it’s amazing how often these boil down to ONE issue, one problem that blazes out of you every day in a myriad  of seemingly un-linked problems that leaves you drowning them with worries, television, wine and best intentions.



unstop3So again, what’s the one thing that will have the biggest impact that you can change right now? Either directly or maybe to give you some headspace to will make it easier to change some of the other things?

For example, if you’d like to save more money, but can’t kick the tobacco or fine wine habit – then you might want to address that first, since it will make saving money a whole lot easier.

Maybe it’s time to start making better food choices even though you’re hooked on custard creams and pizza and haven’t seen the inside of a gym in a years




Maybe it’s time to, God forbid, start on that road to a better you and ditch that weight that’s killing your spark.


Whatever it is, change is uncomfortable.

But it beats the alternative.

Because unless you just want to wither away into a life that not only no longer excites you, but also causes you huge amounts of unneeded suffering, change is necessary – the obvious bit comes next but it’s damn true, just STARTING is the hardest part, just making that decision, that powerful choice to DO something about it NO MATTER WHAT.


But once you make that decision, and start walking through the fire of your fears, doubts, and pain, a beautiful thing starts to happen…you will be one step further towards the grandest vision of the greatest you, the you your parents, friends, kids or anyone else that matters to you will remember and actually knew all along.   …Or you could just sit on your backside in the living room of regret and self pity….


It’s often our shame or fear that takes the decision to act and squashes it, stops that real magic, STARTING, from even getting off the ground.  I do it, we all do it.


I kicked myself in the backside this morning, I’m in probably the worst shape I’ve been in in two years, It’s been brutal, house moves, job changes, I won’t bore you with the cooking pot of crap that I’m blaming my current situation on because chances are, you’ve got one too.  But today, I DECIDED to head on in and get going in our group sessions, then that voice in my head – “Nah, your too overweight and unfit for that, get in shape first, then go”.

That is something I hear ALL the time, it’s the biggest resistance to group training, even my wife says it – heck everyone says it – truth is, no one gives a damn as they’re all going through their own process – NO ONE is there to show off, these guys are just the ones that got out there and did it NO MATTER WHAT!


And when you can do that, peace and happiness are yours, because you’ll know you didn’t just lie down and die. You stood up, put one foot in front of the other, and faced life head on like the truly amazing person you are.


And that my friend, will change everything.

So find it, and do it, one thing you can change in your life TODAY

Once you’ve done that, I’m going to help you as much as I can – for the next 4 weeks my blog is going to focus on that MOTIVATION and how to inspire yourself, to light a fire under your back side and make the comeback of your LIFE!

Stephen  Rutherford-Bate