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What We Do

Our clients are typically aged between 35 and 70, are time-short and normally do not like traditional gyms. Our private studio allows us to work with our clients in an environment where we can educate and teach them how to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing from the inside out; without feeling intimidated or embarrassed.

Traditional gyms do not provide a supportive and educational environment, which eventfully leads to people giving up and feeling like a failure! It’s a totally back-to-front method.

We start at the other end of the spectrum, by building good personal relationships with our clients so we understand them as people first and they understand us as their health and fitness mentors.

The Client – Coach relationship we develop is what keeps our clients happy and builds strong bonds of trust, which then allows us then to work with them to help improve not only their health and fitness, but also their life and wellbeing.

Today’s clients are more demanding, have a greater awareness and have very different needs to those of 20 years ago when gyms first started becoming more available to the general public.

Today’s population has transitioned to a more sedentary lifestyle.  This has left most people in an inappropriate physical condition to begin a traditional exercise programme without the likelihood of getting injured or failing to achieve their expectations.

To get started, call us today and we will book you in for a complementary Success Strategy Session where we can go over your personal needs and help map out your journey to a new and improved YOU.



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