Our Holistic Model


Why We Use an Integrated Holistic Approach to Your Health and Fitness?


The human body is made up of a system of systems that all rely on one another for your body to function at its best. It does not matter what your health and fitness goals might be, all of your systems must function at optimal levels if you want to burn body fat, lose weight, re-shape your body or manage any health dysfunction. 

It’s not as simple as just exercising;  

Before you do a single workout, we take a highly-detailed assessment of the function of all your health systems, which helps us then design you a Bespoke, Personalised programme for you that is guaranteed to help you lose weight, burn body fat and improve your fitness levels at an accelerated speed. 


So what are these systems and how can do you improve them?


There are number of health systems in your body that include your hormonal, neurological, digestive and muscular system that when optimised will help your body reach Peak Physical Condition.  Our model to help you do this is by guiding and coaching you though the Foundational Health Principles.  You can do all the training you want, but if you are not resting enough or not providing your body with the right supportive nutrition to your body, the results will be PAINFULLY SLOW!

By dedicating YOURSELF to continually improving each one of the Foundational Health Principles you will help YOURSELF build a journey that YOU control, YOU enjoy, YOU can do, and YOU can keep! Click on each part to see whats involved, or check out the brief description below.



Foundational Health Principles

There are Six Key Principles we have identified and developed to help you make a true fitness and lifestyle change.  Our role is to guide you, nudge you a bit from time to time, coach you and support you, and to either give you the tools you need to succeed or to show you that you already have them! Our approach helps you transform your physique and the framework of life and at a speed that you can manage with the least sacrifice and the most success!

Aand most importantly – to enjoy your journey along the way…

Sounds too good to be true? Check out our Foundational Health Principles in more detail below.


ATTITUDE DEVELOPMENT – Shaping Your Psychology

Mental Attitude Lifestyle Design Exercise Rest, Regen & Recovery Supportive Nutrition


Keeping you motivated and your psychology engaged throughout your fitness program is the most important factor off all. A lot of time’s we find out that people are chasing somebody else’s goals!  Through a series of  in-depth coaching sessions we help you unlock what your true motivators are and what YOU want from your fitness journey. Giving you a crystal clear map also is a key part of developing the right attitude, if you know exactly what you need to do and when to do it,  all you need to do is follow the instructions and arrive happy and safely to the upgraded version of YOU.

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LIFESTYLE DESIGN  – Take Control your Life


You might believe that you can’t change the direction your life is heading but the truth is you can.  Turning your life around can be like steering the QE2 out of port; all you need is A Little Tug To Get You Started! By identifying what your major stressors are, what things make you enjoy life and coaching you how to schedule these a swell as relaxation and play time are all part of the way we help our clients live life on their terms.  You can design Your Own Life, we will show you how.

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There are so many sources of information, many of them conflicting, on the best way to lose weight and eat healthily – the truth is that many of the leading diets are in complete conflict with each other when it comes to methodology and advice. How on earth do YOU the general consumer make sensible choices when faced which such opposing information? Many, most in fact, just go round and round, trying diet after diet and failing to either lose weight, keep it off, or get the energy back into their lives that they need to maintain a decent level of exercise! Your Supportive Nutrition programme is much simpler than you think!

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Physical Conditioning  – Transform Your Body


When you walk into our studio you may be surprised to see a lot of space. There are very few machines! We teach you how to use your body as your primary training tool. Only once you have mastered the basic moves do we add bands, balls, kettlebells and other toys to enhance your training. Injury prevention and maintaining optimal posture sits at the base of our training model.  Only when you have a good base do we allow you to push for more performance and aesthetic goals. Exercise is like a drug, if your GP prescribed the wrong drug you would get the wrong result and potentially could damage your health – the same is true with exercise. We take care of all your program design and progressions and put you on the most effective path to your goals.

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Rest & recovery are a vital part of any succesful fitness program. Of course, you’ve got to do the work in order to validate this point, but lack of rest and recovery can be just as harmful as lack of exercise. While the latter leads to a much more obvious result, WEIGHT GAIN, the former will lead to less noticeable–yet every bit as damaging—problems, such as chronic fatigue syndrome. These examples are the extreme ends of the spectrum. In the middle lies the far subtler and exceedingly frustrating condition, known as the plateau.

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