Getting Your Best Self Back-On-Track! – Part 1

Well, congratulations, you survived!  Various studies and social media statistics have shown that January 6th will likely have been the most depressing day of 2014 although it doesn’t really take a team of statisticians to work out that this is mainly because it is the first Monday back at work.   Much of January is often seen as a low period in comparison to the festive period which is a joyful, relaxing and indulgent time for most of us.



I’m a self-confessed “Christmas Junkie” – I’m hideously weak-willed during those 2-3 weeks in December.  I’ve struggled to stick to training regimes and my healthy eating has gone away for Christmas, replaced by portion sizes that have been far too big, accompanied by too many Christmas treats and a seemingly unconquerable lethargy!  Not the best advertisement I know, but it’s a fact that most of us exhibit these traits to one degree or another at this time of year – you’re not alone!   It then comes to an unpleasant and abrupt end, the immediate return to work and the dreaded ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ which for most are pointless and counterproductive (did you know that only 8% of people manage to keep their New Years Resolutions?).



The latest research about willpower suggests that you should aim to change your habits during a change of circumstance (for instance, going on holiday or moving) not just when you’re going back to your soul-crushing, motivation-ruining job! So when you are 4 stone heavier than before Christmas, have become addicted to cake and pigs-in-blankets and are feeling depressed that the clothes you had worn only two months ago now only cover your lower legs, it could be time to take some professional and social support!

In this series throughout January we want to help you get back on track, you have a year behind you worth celebrating, and a year ahead that should inspire you.  So let’s start 2014 with motivation and some simple tools to get you on course to a happier, fitter and healthier you!


1.     Christmas is OVER

food drugDuring the last month, you’ve probably lapsed back into bad habits without realising, things you simply wouldn’t do at other times of the year, so make an effort to break new habits if they don’t serve you. Don’t buy any more off the stuff you don’t want to eat and ditch the naughties that are left, remember, it’s waste anyway, better in the bin than on your bum!  Want to stop eating chocolate after dinner, or toast as an afternoon snack? It sounds simple, but start by not buying it. If it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it.  Finally, try to identify bad habits. How are they serving you? Are they in any way linked to the future you or helping you reach whatever your goal is. No? Then be aware of them and stop. 

The Body Fitness Ltd nutrition component takes all the guesswork out for you and makes it simple to prepare meals and eat the foods that help balance and keep your endocrine system in top shape.  This January we’ve teamed up with Forever Living to bring you exclusive discounts on the acclaimed Clean 9 program – Watch out for details shortly!!



2.     Sleep Hygiene

Often easier said than done I know, but at least plan for eight hours of sleep.  Whether you’re sleeping too little or too much, your mood suffers, sleep deprivation can continue for days or weeks at a time and can interfere with our ability to think clearly. It can even bring about serious health consequences. Disrupted sleep is one of the most potent triggers of depression, so get on a better sleep schedule by learning healthy sleep habits – Our Body Fitness coaches are trained to help you with this and the sleep-diet-exercise cycle will feature in your training program.  So, yes, quantity of sleep is fundamental to a good life, but quality trumps it every time.  As a starting point, concentrate on making your room darker.  The single easiest thing you can do to improve it is as follows: switch your bedroom lights off, and look for any sources of light in your bedroom. If there are LEDs, etc – cover them with tape. If there’s a crack in your curtains, look for a way to cover it (maybe with blackout curtains). This can improve sleep quality immensely.


Good luck, these are simple guidelines that will make a difference, look out for part 2 soon….