Getting Your Best Self Back-On-Track! – Part 3

Draining your willpower with intense commercial diets, and then trying to drag yourself to the gym is madness, as is trying to change your life through sheer willpower and good intentions!    All of the clients that Body Fitness Personal Training Ltd have helped have had problems to overcome.   No one had it easy, all of them had fears and obstacles that they have had to address and conquer to get their health, fitness and lifestyle to where they are now.

This will be true for you to.

We know that you will have some challenges that you need to address and overcome but that’s where our coaches and coaching programs can help you,  just as we have helped our previous clients.  It’s also this genuine desire to help that drives us to be the best in our field, so on that note, here’s part 3 of the Body Fitness Back-On-Track plan!


1.     Optimise your time

candycruIt’s the most common excuse for failing to stick to an exercise regime, yet we pour time away on a multitude of things, whether it be Angry Birds, patience, Candy Crush or needlessly finding jobs around the house, these time-sinks need to go – a useful trigger is to think about every action you are taking and focus on what you want the results of that action to be rather than the task itself.  The final step in the process of lifestyle change is to add motivation as needed until the habit sticks. Of course there are many ways to motivate oneself to exercise and stick with what you’ve learned, but often few actually work without professional help.

Our role as your health & fitness coach is to help inspire, motivate and educate you so you can achieve both your physical and mental potential.



2.     Pick a benchmark workout

This is not a ‘resolution’ it is something you’ll try to improve throughout the coming year. It could be press-ups without resting, plank times, or something more complicated, like rounds of burpies and squats in 10 minutes. The key is that it should be simple, require kit that you’ve always got to hand, and not take too long. At Body Fitness our trainers will track your progress in a number of ways and will help you set a personal benchmark – with at least one workout in focus you’ll be surprised how quickly you overcome excuses to avoid training.


So that’s the end of our Back-On-track plan,  If you feel you are ready to make the change to a healthier & happier you and are willing to  dedicate the required time and effort then let’s get you started!