Getting Your Best Self Back-On-Track! – Part 2

At Body Fitness Personal Training Ltd, this is an important time of year, not to help you overcome the guilty feeling about not having done all the things you ‘resolved’ to do last year, or to stick to the new, more determined ‘to-dos’ that you’ve set yourself this year, but to help you avoid making things even harder on yourself, instead to just *be* yourself, your best self, each day by making it count.

As we said last in the previous entry, there are ways that an individual can keep on top of one’s moods and stay happy, that’s where our expertise and leading results come in.  Here’s the next instalment of some basic housekeeping and the next two steps of the Body Fitness plan:


1.     Exercise

somedayI’ll start with the obvious one, and although it’s tough to get started again, it’s hugely important.  There are now over a hundred published studies documenting the antidepressant effects of exercise.  At Body Fitness Personal Training Ltd, we don’t believe in quick fixes, and we don’t believe in any gimmicks, diets or new machines that claim to revolutionize weight loss, what we do offer is an extremely talented and highly trained team that have the tools to help you re-shape the way you think!! As part of the lifestyle change we promote, it’s important to consider your exercise patterns outside of the studio or gym environment.  Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) sounds a mouthful but in essence refers to standing, moving, and even fidgeting during everyday tasks. Studies show this can add up to as much as 350 calories per day so try pacing when you’re on the phone, or resist the phone / email and go talk to people face to face. Enjoy standing in queues and if you can overcome the spouse’s frustration, regularly get up and move around a bit when the TV is on in the evening —all things that can have a positive effect on the way you feel.




2.     Sunlight

Expose yourself to a little sunlight every day. Lack of sunlight is a key chemical and mood driver in making us feel low – sunshine is fundamental to allowing our body to make vitamin D where it is synthesized in the skin, supplemental vitamin D is becoming a very popular and a highly recommended winter-need.   Make sure you’re getting enough sunlight, yes, British winter weather isn’t always kind, but short walks or a morning coffee outside the back door all help, aim for at least 15 minutes of sunlight a day to boost your mood. I personally also use a light therapy box or ‘SAD’ lamp which can be very mood lifting when used regularly.


So keep on smiling and we’ll see you soon!