Do You Understand Fat Loss and Your Hormones?

It seems most everyone is looking to lose some weight (namely fat), but with all the conflicting information out there it just gets more and more confusing for the average person to know what to do?

Let’s back it up a little and start from the basic understand of how fat loss happens in a simple and easy manner. Once you can master the basics that is probably 90% of where all your results will come from!  And as per our ongoing Bodyfitness methodology since years, the whole system and process is holistic and integrated!!

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While there does have to be some calorie deficit of course (burn more than you take in), your hormones are the internal signals on whether fat is being released or stored.

So when it comes down to it, fat loss is a mainly a hormonal event.

Yet so many people put huge amounts of effort, time and money into diets and gym memberships without really understanding how the body works and what it needs to get the body you’re after.

So what do we mean a hormonal event? It’s about the right hormones telling the body to release the stored “energy” in the fat cells to burn off. It is also important to know that there are also fat “storing” hormones that act in the opposite way, triggering the body to store “future energy” into the fat cells. The body triggers these hormones through many different stimulus like food, drink, exercise, stress (perceived) and sleep.

So we know that fat loss is hormonally driven (and yes I understand eating less is also a factor, but that drives the hormones involved as well).

Interesting fact, fat loss (burning) also occurs when oxygen is present, what is known as aerobic (which means “with oxygen”). The other stage is called anaerobic (which means “without oxygen”). Anaerobic training is also known more commonly as “strength training” (which you can tell by the lactic acid burn).

Here’s where people get confused when it comes to exercise.  Most people think that by “doing” aerobic exercise you burn all the fat you want.

Well if that was the case, obesity would of been taken care of in 1986….

Who ever said you are guaranteed to burn fat? What about stored glycogen? Plus if you can burn fat in an aerobic state, well aren’t you in an aerobic state all day long including sleeping??

So, LEARN, you have the ability to burn fat (mostly) all day long! The only thing left is the hormones and whether they are saying “empty the storage tanks” or “here comes more” to the fat cells.

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