Chemical Stress and Fat

There are three main types of stress that cause break-down in our bodies – physical, chemical and emotional – and those painful shoulders or back could be to do with any one of them, not just the fact that you did squats 3 days ago…..

I could write a book on this, but I want to focus on chemical stress for a while, the type that our body experiences from what we put into our body – food, drink, drugs, pollution, toxins, CHRISTMAS!

However, even this is extremely complex with much confusion around nutrition and chemical stresses. I want to break it down and just talk about the simple topic of fat for now.

Fat has had a bad rap for decades, and with a greater proportion of us being classed as obese than at any other time in history, it’s not surprising. People often confuse the FAT we have on our bodies with the FAT we eat, they are NOT the same!

Now I’m sure many of you are finally getting this, one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your shopping is going for the ‘low fat’ product over the regular one. You see, fats and oils generally enhance the taste or texture of food and make it more attractive to us. So with many products, such as yoghurt, food manufacturers add loads of sugar to make up for the missing fat to make it taste better.

Now what’s wrong with that? When you consume too much sugar, your insulin freaks out and your body converts it to triglycerides and stores it as fat. YOU ARE GETTING FATTER ON THE LOW FAT PRODUCT!  Sure, a healthy diet involves watching how much fatty food we eat. However, our bodies need a certain amount of essential fatty acids, called lipids to function—and we can’t make them from scratch

So what do fats do?


Fat is an essential part of our diet, just as carbohydrates and proteins are. Fats make up much of our body, such as cell membranes, as well as being a base of most hormones. For example, your body would not function without cholesterol – it is essential for your survival!

And this is where it comes back to the chemical stress, All cell membranes need fats to control what goes in & out of our cells, keeping the good in and getting the bad out.  Without enough healthy fats in our body, the immune system suffers and the cells cannot do their job.

So, again, don’t be frightened of fats and oils, do your immune system a favour and ditch the sugar instead.

You can do this