What makes you beautiful?

I was off to my usual favourite haunt in Wales last week, taking a break and enjoying some peace and me time. Part of this was sat on a very deserted beach listening to the waves roll gently onto the rocks and reflecting on everything that life has to offer.  The beach was covered in… [Continue Reading]

Banish Food Guilt For Good

Food guilt can take the fun out of your health and fitness. Learn how to recognise it and move on! If you are one of many who are susceptible to self-criticism often just one mistake can ruin your day and your motivation, none more so than food-induced guilt! Agonising over food choices and punishing yourself emotionally… [Continue Reading]

Top Tips For Fitness Beginners

Education is one of your most important tools, so learn a little more about training and nutrition from these 7 tips Success in your wellness journey hinges on knowledge to change and implement a healthy lifestyle shift. Without at least some knowledge about nutrition, training, and motivation your changes will be short-lived…. 1 Commitment. Many… [Continue Reading]

Chemical Stress and Fat

There are three main types of stress that cause break-down in our bodies – physical, chemical and emotional – and those painful shoulders or back could be to do with any one of them, not just the fact that you did squats 3 days ago….. I could write a book on this, but I want… [Continue Reading]