Master your fear of working out!

Exercise is one of the best stress-reducers—and yet, it’s the one thing far too many of us don’t make time for. There are lots of reasons why (and we can be pretty creative with coming up with them!), but often the idea of working out can create enough stress that you skip it—and end up… [Continue Reading]

Top Tips For Fitness Beginners

Education is one of your most important tools, so learn a little more about training and nutrition from these 7 tips Success in your wellness journey hinges on knowledge to change and implement a healthy lifestyle shift. Without at least some knowledge about nutrition, training, and motivation your changes will be short-lived…. 1 Commitment. Many… [Continue Reading]

Market Harborough Triathlon – 7 September 2014

Body Fitness Personal Training at the Market Harborough triathalon

Well folks, Harborough is well known for been a healthy, fit and sporting town, so rightly so, when we heard that the first Triathlon to be run here was on its way, we jumped at the chance to be involved! Archway House is in fact the headline sponsor for the event, taking place on 7th… [Continue Reading]

Become The Grandest Vision of the Greatest You

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.- Aristotle. It’s a saying we often use with our clients – Become The Grandest Vision of the Greatest You. It’s an incredibly powerful idea, can you even begin to imagine what you are capable of? In your wildest dreams just… [Continue Reading]