Become The Grandest Vision of the Greatest You

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.- Aristotle.

It’s a saying we often use with our clients –

Become The Grandest Vision of the Greatest You.

It’s an incredibly powerful idea, can you even begin to imagine what you are capable of? In your wildest dreams just how intensely amazing the Greatest You could be?

Try it. Right now, take the best of everything you’ve ever done, wished you’d done, could have done and will do – put it together and picture that grandest vision.

Be your best

Incredible, right?

Yet we kick our own arses and lament our failures on an almost constant and depressingly bitter basis. Ask many of our clients about their goals? It’s to lose weight, to be back to their ‘target weight’. This target weight is often not something you’ve seen on the scales for a decade and becomes something you constantly chase and compare yourself to. When you were that weight, were you happy with it, odds are, not – so why chase it again? Sadly you’re only ever your ‘lowest weight’ or ‘best self’ ONCE and that becomes a rainbow you’re chasing if you’re not careful.

Our goal setting needs to understand the composition of that Greatest You, to be wider, more varied, to not just be about those digits on the scales but to accept our progress and what we are doing to become that Grandest Vision.

How to start with this?

Talk about your successes. Pleasurable experiences are stored in our working memory in the rational brain. For them to register, you actually have to experience them and hold them in your conscious awareness for at least 10 to 20 seconds. To the brain, if you have a pleasant experience and just move on, it’s like it never happened.

The brain is wired to throw up painful or “negative” emotional memories faster and with greater frequency, which is why people complain more than they talk about their successes and joys. Refocusing the brain on pleasurable experience requires slowing yourself down and taking the time to share your experiences with others so you can build confidence, self-esteem, and optimism.

It also requires you to discard that old belief that talking about your achievements is “bragging” or “blowing your horn.” Only lost a pound? Wow, have you ever HELD a pound of fat?? Start with that.

Then, Stay the Course. Be brave, trust yourself.