Are you a Comfort Eater…?

When we’re feeling depressed, angry, bored or stressed, many of us turn to food to give us comfort. But if you’re developing a serious chocolate habit, it’s time to put a brake on eating bad mood-food.. You’re at home after a bad day at the office and grab a chocolate biscuit. You’re bored, there’s nothing… [Continue Reading]

Winter Fat Burning, why winter is your friend!

Winter has long had a bad reputation for being the time when we store up those calories, huddle up in front of the fire and put on a bucket load of weight! There is indeed some truth in this as the average weight gain during the winter period is about 4lb! But, we can’t blame… [Continue Reading]

What is Core Strength and Why is It Important?

The terms “core” or “core strength” are some of the most common words you’ll hear around the gym or in any health and fitness mags.  Nearly everyone would agree and accept that it’s important and desirable to have a strong core, but rarely do we think about what that really means or why exactly it… [Continue Reading]

Helping prevent or ease knee pain…

Do you suffer with knee pain? Many of us do….  And to quote Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Sunscreen’ – “Look after your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone..” The knee is one of the most complex joints in the entire body and it serves the vital role of holding up and stabilising your bodyweight.  Unfortunately it’s… [Continue Reading]

What makes you beautiful?

I was off to my usual favourite haunt in Wales last week, taking a break and enjoying some peace and me time. Part of this was sat on a very deserted beach listening to the waves roll gently onto the rocks and reflecting on everything that life has to offer.  The beach was covered in… [Continue Reading]

Master your fear of working out!

Exercise is one of the best stress-reducers—and yet, it’s the one thing far too many of us don’t make time for. There are lots of reasons why (and we can be pretty creative with coming up with them!), but often the idea of working out can create enough stress that you skip it—and end up… [Continue Reading]

Do You Understand Fat Loss and Your Hormones?

It seems most everyone is looking to lose some weight (namely fat), but with all the conflicting information out there it just gets more and more confusing for the average person to know what to do? Let’s back it up a little and start from the basic understand of how fat loss happens in a simple and… [Continue Reading]

How To Feel Great into Your 50s and Beyond

Let’s face, neither we nor most of our clients are kids anymore!  Therefore there’s a certain urgency that permeates the bid for health and wellness now: You still want to look and feel good, but, to be frank, you’re also training to stay alive! Exercising regularly is your strongest medicine, in fact physical activity may… [Continue Reading]

Banish Food Guilt For Good

Food guilt can take the fun out of your health and fitness. Learn how to recognise it and move on! If you are one of many who are susceptible to self-criticism often just one mistake can ruin your day and your motivation, none more so than food-induced guilt! Agonising over food choices and punishing yourself emotionally… [Continue Reading]

How to face disappointment in your fitness journey

Disappointment can own you forever, or change you completely—for the better. The choice is yours. Have you ever gone into something will all of your heart and soul and come up empty-handed? There’s nothing more irritating in the human experience than disappointment, especially, either for reasons beyond your control or, perhaps worse, something you caused… [Continue Reading]