Before I start just a quick note. Yes, guys, it’s not a gender error. Nor is this content exclusively for the fairer sex, a lot of it often applies to men, it’s just that we see it and experience it a great deal more with our female clients – and hey, who’s to say we couldn’t all benefit from an alternative view!

so with that said….

Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions. The options are almost limitless for creating “busyness” yet to actually put yourself first you’ve got to leave your desk, laptop, piles of messages, piles of washing and responsibilities to concentrate on your health, fitness and workouts.

Commonly people do not have the knowledge and determination to put themselves at the front of this queue and ‘find’ enough time to workout.

Yet once they start, our clients don’t stop, so they did have time, right? In fact, many realise how beneficial it is that they even manage to get their kit on three or four times a week. So what do these workout superheros know that we don’t?

Here’s our tip #3

#3: Give yourself permission to accept help

Sometimes, the most giving and caring people have the most difficulty accepting help and care themselves. And that’s precisely why the weight and diet woes persist.

For most of our clients, it never occurs to them to ask for help. They feel like it’d be an admission that they’re not “good enough” or capable. That they’re not strong enough to do it on their own. That’s WHY every single one of our clients has tried numerous things in the past, you become another to-do item, sadly one where there is no–one taking care of you, giving you the right tools, support and keeping you accountable.

That’s why WE take care of your nutrition and fitness thinking for you. You get to refocus and relax. Instead of just one more thing to worry about, we gave you one less.

One more fantastic quote from our client Vicky this month,

“I would love to say if only I had done this years ago but from my experience you make changes like going to a personal trainer when the time is right for you. And this is definitely my time.”

I’m proud that we do things differently at Body Fitness, we want to see the kind of comments I’ve shared with you over the last couple of weeks, to change people’s lives for the better and give them back both the energy they were missing and the self confidence to better manage their days.

There are many diets, many exercise programs, many trainers.

But Body Fitness is the only team with programs designed to take care of what matters to you (your health, fitness and well-being) the same way you would take care of what matters to those important to you.

It’s not about giving you more information, or more rules. It’s not about yelling at you while we hold a clipboard and you do press ups in the mud. It’s about recognizing that YOU need care. YOU need help. YOU need support. Just like you do all that for others.

So let US take care of YOU

exercise as antidepressant

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