Just look at this morning, it’s AMAZING

Just look at this morning, it’s AMAZING – somehow I slept for 11 hours straight – I can hear my kids laughing, my wife watching Columbo (pretty much trumps a long bath and a bottle of champers for her) and the sky is just begging me to get outside.  That’s when it hit me, man was not meant to waste away inside, or sat on the damn sofa in front of a screen, we were not meant to live our lives through TV, or magazines or, damn it all, Facebook!

I’ve writings of another total PT guru, Chris Combs who summed up how I felt this morning


“We were not meant to dwell on the thoughts of others who themselves are dwelling on the thoughts of others, seeking validation from those who seek validation.

We were not meant to quietly tiptoe around on the surface, safe from the judgments of others, careful not to be ridiculed or rejected, cautiously avoiding failure at all costs.

We were not meant to worry about the things that simply do not matter, or even the things that matter the most.  We were not meant to worry at all.

We were not meant to buy into the fables in our head that tell us that we can’t, we shouldn’t, and we better not… or else.

Or else what? Or else we might truly live? God forbid.

We were not meant to let our fear of the edge paralyze us from boldly moving into the unknown. We were not meant to cower in the corners of existence.

We were not meant to drag around the ghosts of our past, the shame of our inadequacies, or the lingering hatred for those who have one-upped us (or even those who have torn us apart and stomped on our hearts).

We were not meant to believe that our clothes, our haircut, our house, our bank account, our car, or the person on our arm have anything to do with who we truly are.

We were not meant to hold on tight…to anyone or anything.

We were not meant to die with regret, and wonder, “What was it all for?”

For that truly is defeat.  We were meant to live. To let go. To step over the edge and see how far we can fall. Even when it hurt. Even when your back was against the wall. Even when they were all laughing at you.

And since there’s no way of knowing when Death is coming, there’s no better time to smile than now.”